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My campaign is not focused on party politics. The goal is to work for and by the people with clear communication, collaboration and non-partisanship. That said, I'm certain the morale of the entire city will be lifted to new heights which will lead to an inviting community that will encourage people and businesses to want to ultimately call Albany home.

- Greg Aidala
Mayoral Candidate - Albany, New York 2021

Below you'll find FIVE points that will receive constant attention throughout Greg's campaign:

1. SAFETY - Implement clear communication between elected officials, law enforcement, residents and businesses to instill trust within our communities.

2. CLEANLINESS / ABSENTEE LANDLORD ACCOUNTABILITY - Accountability to all property owners in respect to the responsibility to their property(ies). Greg's motto: Garbage promotes chaos. Beauty promotes hope.

3. HELP BOLSTER HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATE - We need to nurture and engage young minds in order for them to contribute to the community post-graduation by teaching them the importance of a solid education and community relations. Greg's goal is for city hall to serve as a resource for the Albany City School District.

4. INVITING BUSINESSES TO RELOCATE TO ALBANY - Focus on being a friendly and welcoming city to various industries seeking a new home. The way to incorporate this is to first achieve the first two points on this list.

5. RAISING THE MORALE THROUGHOUT THE CITY TO IMPLEMENT POSITIVITY - Raising pride throughout the city to ensure a more productive community both in the home and workplace. Morale begets morale.

greg-podium.jpgGreg is an involved, committed and passionate community member of Albany. He began his vocal involvement in January of 2018 when the first murder of that year occurred in front of his family's 78-year-old business, Quail Auto Sales.

When not one elected official showed up to the crime scene to show solidarity to residents and businesses alike, Greg emailed the Mayors office and asked to sit down with officials to discuss the ongoing concerns that plague the West Hill section of Albany.

After three months of not receiving a response from the city, Greg produced a passion piece video as a plea to city officials regarding certain neighborhoods with severe blight and crime that desperately need attention.

That video garnered much local and national attention. The Albany Times Union wrote a front page piece and Greg was also interviewed by CBS6 and ABC 10. To the day, Greg is asked regularly to speak on behalf of the West Hill neighborhood and convey what needs desperate change.

Greg's ultimate decision to run for Mayor happened in the summer of 2020 when gun violence was escalating to an all-time high. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan had stated in print "that many weren't intended targets, but rather in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person who was being targeted for whatever reason." (Albany Times Union - August 9th, 2020) Greg took that statement to heart and felt that it was a cheap (and dangerous) attack on not only the safety of his family, but also the safety of all residents.

Throughout the summer of 2020, Greg was interviewed over a dozen times through various outlets including TV, radio and print in continuing to raise a voice for the West Hill. Greg takes great pride in the community that his family has invested in over the last 78 years, and he looks forward to meeting many more good people throughout his campaign.

Greg has a successful 20 year award-winning career in the entertainment business, and is also a professional fundraiser for various charities / foundations located in the 518 and the Northeast. You may recognize Greg from his numerous appearances on national and local television and radio.

He has committed himself to put the career (that he built from the ground up) on pause to give his full attention to the city of Albany.

Greg has officially been endorsed by the Independence Party of New York for his 2021 campaign.

Please take the time to navigate around Greg's website to learn more about him and his community involvement. Feel free to email him with any questions or comments. His line of communication is always open to the great people of Albany and the entire Capital Region.

Lastly, be kind to one another. We're all in this together.