As Mayor, I will put people ahead of politics because I’m not a politician.  

As Mayor, I will work to make Albany the safest, healthiest, and smartest small city in America.

(Note: Anything that has a cost associated with it we will use existing City resources or tap into state and federal programs – we will also partner with the business community.) 


Make Albany the safest small city in America:

“The problem is that families, businesses and visitors do not feel safe in our city, it’s time to change that.” 

There is literally a shooting every other day in our City. (89 shots fired, 59 people shot, 14 deaths some of them children, from Jan – June according to Channel 13, June 23, 2021, report. *This report was updated leading into August 2021)

  • Zero tolerance crime policy by fully staffing our police department and enforcing our laws– our goal is to become the safest small city in America
  • Empower the community and police department to work together to stomp-out crime
  • Enforce our laws including minor crimes and violations such as double-parking
  • Fully-staff our police department
  • Establish an anonymous crime-tip hotline focused on the City with cash rewards


Make Albany the cleanest and healthiest small city in America:

“The problem is that families and businesses do not want to live or invest in our city because it’s falling apart and dirty.”

  • Launch “Clean-Up Albany” initiative to clean-up our streets and make it environmentally friendly
  • Hold absentee landlords accountable for taking care of run-down properties
  • Launch a property clean-up and fix program to assist homeowners and businesses
  • All-Electric Albany initiative to convert as many city vehicles as possible
  • Invest in our greenspace and secure federal infrastructure funding
  • Greg's motto: "Garbage promotes chaos. Beauty promotes hope". 


Make Albany the smartest small city in America:

“The problem is that the current mayor has failed to work with residents to develop smart solutions to the City’s problems and as a result the City is deteriorating, and people are fleeing.

  • Support our seniors – create a safe-haven property tax credit to allow our seniors to keep their homes – use the federal stimulus money to launch and then use state PILOT appropriation to fund the program
  • Ensure every family in Albany has access to affordable broadband tap into state and federal programs
  • Establish a tax incentive for City businesses to hire residents – jobs and internships for our residents 
  • Create an arts endowment with private funding to help students pay for musical instruments, art supplies, computers, etc.
  • Launch an Educate and Employ Task Force of community members to address the City’s  educational needs